By investing in novel technologies, we can push the boundaries of drug delivery to deliver better solutions to our patients whilst finding new ways to enhance our pipeline and our partners’ pipelines.

We demonstrate this philosophy through our existing patented technologies:

Our twist-off soft gelatin capsules, BITs, offer patients a versatile alternative to traditional tablets or suspensions. Patients who face difficulty swallowing can simply twist off the tail, squeeze the content onto some food or directly into their mouth. The shell can then be discarded. Alternatively, they can also chew it to enjoy the flavoured medicine. Ultimately, BITs improve patient compliance.


  • Preservative-free to enhance formulation purity.

  • Consistently precise dosage of active ingredients.

  • Buccal absorption means a faster onset of action.

  • Minimal patient variability due to uniformity of potent compounds.

  • Sealing process ensures greater drug stability.

  • Secured against entry of water, vapour or foreign bodies.

  • Easy to transport and store.

  • Taste masked.

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Chewbiotics are antibiotics or probiotics in a chewable form that disintegrate in the buccal mucosa rather than in the digestive tract. Moreover, our chewbiotics have pleasant mixed fruit flavours, which are loved by children and adults. And, since they are chewed rather than swallowed, they can be taken any time, anywhere even without water.


  • Faster absorption rate and onset of action due to faster disintegration.

  • Consistently precise dosages of medicine every time.

  • More portable than powders for oral suspension.

  • More affordable and accessible to patients.

  • Taste masked.

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Hydrogels are a more effective and efficient alternative to traditional dosage forms. They are incredibly flexible and work with even the most sensitive of ingredients, including water soluble and insoluble ingredients. Hydrogels could apply to many drugs and extracts that come in conventional solid oral dosage form, sublingual or buccal forms, whether cardiovascular, steroids, barbiturates, mental health, erectile dysfunction amongst many other medications.


  • Better absorption and bioavailability than traditional forms.

  • Achieve zero-order release with any dosage, from 1mg onwards.

  • Formulate water soluble or insoluble ingredients.

  • Reduces frequency of drug administration and improves patient compliance.

  • Applies to many drugs and extracts.

  • Low heat transference during manufacturing allows application to sensitive ingredients.

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Our lollipop delivery system offers a fun and flavourful way of consuming drugs effectively as well as expediting its effects. Medicated lollipops release drugs slowly as a patient sucks or rotates a lollipop in the mouth. The medicine acts locally or systemically after absorption via buccal mucosa.


  • No swallowing.

  • Taste-masked.

  • Faster absorption.

  • Controlled dosage.

  • Sufficient bioavailability.

  • Socio-cultural acceptability.

  • No water required making them very portable.

  • Applies to a variety of drugs and any nutraceutical.

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Tablets for Oral Suspension are film-coated tablets that are dissolved in liquid (fruit juice or water) before administration. These tablets achieve the same goal as traditional suspensions without the same deficiencies.


  • Maintain all the advantages of traditional suspensions.

  • Applies to even the most sensitive ingredients, ensuring stability and consistency.

  • More precise dosage formats.

  • Easy to transport.

  • Taste-masked.

  • Cheaper than the closest competitor, sachets.

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Parents want happy, healthy children. This means medicines that deliver the best results and are easy for children to take. Our Unistraw Delivery System makes taking medicine fun, increasing compliance amongst children over 600%.


  • Flexibility to apply to a variety of vitamins, nutritional products and medication.

  • Can be consumed with any beverage.

  • Taste-masked.

  • Sugar free or only 2g sugar per dose.

  • Fun to drink.

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The Softgel Vaginal Suppository is a new type of dosage form that does not require a cold chain and improves patients’ compliance. Unlike other suppositories, the Softgel suppository can be placed using the thumb and middle-finger. After 5 minutes, the product will start to disintegrate, releasing the active ingredients into the body.


  • Formulate multiple ingredients into one product, increasing therapeutic versatility.

  • Does not require a cold chain, making it accessible in any climate and market.

  • More cost-effective than traditional suppositories due to lower transportation costs.

  • No tools required to insert the suppository.

  • Accessible to everyone, everywhere.

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