Our Vision

To be one of the most innovative life sciences companies in the world.

Our Mission

To create better lives for as many people as possible by bringing them innovative, high-quality and much needed drugs and therapies, through our three business verticals, research capabilities and talented people.

Our Global Businesses

Our Therapies or therapies business focuses on developing and commercialising effective therapeutic solutions to treat diseases and autoimmune disorders. We identify and collaborate with world-class innovator companies, scientists and health care practitioners to commercialise life-changing products and create powerful Brands under the SRS name.

Finished Dose Formulations
Our Finished Dose Formulations business has a broad portfolio of innovative and established medicines. Leveraging our people, market intelligence, global and local presence, R&D capabilities and strong ties with manufacturers, we produce and sell finished formulations to institutional and private clients in both emerging and regulated countries.

Our Technologies business boasts a range of novel drug delivery systems such as our Unistraw Delivery System and Hydrogels. We collaborate and partner with companies to vastly improve compliance and/or enhance bioavailability of their formulations. Or, we create our own unique blends of Technologies and Formulations.